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WHYTE FINANCE LTD. is an investment company engaged in variety of financial services and investment activities. The philosophy of our company is to create permanent value of the maintained assets through their careful placement and investment under conscientiously selected targets. Our investment portfolio consists of both short-term as well as long-term investment instruments. This includes wide scale of investment tools such as securities, derivatives and bonds, supplemented with at real estate and immovable property on one side and owning ownership interests and shares in prospective enterprises on the other.

Our portfolio is managed by team of highly experienced specialists. Each kind of investment activity of our company enjoys a special care as we are well aware of our professional commitments. Responsibility forms an integral part of our corporate culture, comes out from our company's values and goals. Our team strives to fulfillment of all of them every day. Its mission is to create sustainable increasing value of the maintained property.

We believe that responsible investing and correct corporate practice can help strengthen the confidence in the markets and ultimately lead to better yields. We have always been promoted the transparency, reliability and knowledge within the scope of our company.

Our company applies consistently innovative approaches, puts emphasis on reliable first-quality products, employs a team of skilled investment experts and supports teamwork and open communication in all areas of its activity.